November 14, 2016 5 min read

Well gentleman and the occasional lady, I have to be honest in telling you that I have been waiting to write this thread for a long time. I am extremely excited to announce and share the results of almost two years of hard work and dedication from myself and my team.

Some of you know this but many of you don't, for more than 18 months now we here at TSM have been working on a factory frame turbo upgrade that meets a wide range of customer's needs. We wanted to put out what we consider to be the ultimate in versatility and delivery of power on the market. We strongly considered power BAND more than peak numbers while still keeping in mind that we can't sacrifice overall top end power. We understand most people running factory manifold style turbos hang them on 3.8ltr engines so power band and spool are very big factors in how FAST the car actually can be. Not only how fast it can be but how much fun it is on the street. We didn't want to build a 1000+hp turbo that lag and transient response sucked on!

TSM Elite Turbo Systems

Rest assured variations of these turbos have been tested, tested and retested on my personal car, customer's local cars, road race cars, and drag racing alike... we have literally beat the living crap out of them to make sure they held up to the abuse and are worthy to carry what I would humbly call our stamp of approval.

I can't say enough about not only my team but the local friends that have helped with this project over the coarse of these past months. We have tried countless varieties of wheel designs, size combinations, cover styles, actuator name it, we have tested it! Of course my picky ass would come back and say "it's not perfect yet".. and back to the drawing board everyone would go! I knew exactly what I wanted for our customers, I knew exactly how I wanted it to perform, how fast I wanted it to be and at the end of the day I wanted to be extremely proud of what we put our name on.

We have invested an incredible amount of money in the R&D of these turbos to make them perfect for our customers... amounts I don't even want to add up. So while I will be as transparent as I can about the components we use in order to speak of the quality of our product, there are areas that I will be somewhat vague in the details. I am sure all of you can understand why.

TSM Elite Turbo Systems

There are two variations of our ELITE Turbo Systems, the ELITE and the ELITE Plus. Both systems share in 90% of the features and characteristics. You will find a list below that applies to both systems and what they include. The ELITE System is very simply designed for someone that isn’t looking to go balls-to-the-wall on a stock frame build. It is still among the most powerful stock frame turbos on the market today, and provides the most rounded experience one could ever ask for. The Plus, however, really isn't all that different. Spool characteristics are within 200rpm of the ELITE, transient response is fractions of a second slower... yet overall power is 100-150whp more.

This is what I tell people that call in...if you are looking for a 1000+whp car that you can drive on the street every single day, you aren't worried about going as fast as possible in the quarter or the half, but just want as fun of a street car as you can possibly have, then the ELITE is for you. It is a little less expensive and requires a few less supporting mods to maximize. Furthermore, if you have a stock engine/trans GT-R that you want to upgrade safely... these turbos are the perfect match! With the amazing spool but high flow rate of these turbos, we are able to keep torque in check at a beyond safe level while still making over 700whp on pump gas and 800whp on E85! If, however, you are interested in having the same style drivability with very little downside and want to spend the little extra money it takes to support the Plus, then the performance is certainly worth it. With another 150whp and keeping the same amazing power band, the ELITE Plus are a dominating force in the GT-R game. The insane average power these turbos produce makes them deadly both on the street and at the track. You can see below for a list of accomplishments on the ELITE & Plus turbos.

TSM Elite Turbo Dyno

When it comes to installation of the turbos you will find that any capable shop will have zero issues. These bolt on just like stock, we have ensured that the inlets line up perfectly with all aftermarket intakes as well as factory air boxes. One thing that really sets these apart from the rest, I feel, is our fully custom stainless hard line kit that is included with the system. We have designed and built perfectly fitting hard lines for both oil feed/drain and coolant to and from the block. The drain lines are slightly increased in diameter for better oil flow but designed to mate to the factory locations on the bedpan with no modification to any hard parts. We supply both restricted oil feed bolts as well as zinc coated water line banjos with crush washers all in the box. The wastegates will come synced and set to a pre-determined level that will be based on your goals and engine configuration, but you nor your shop will have to spend any time setting these as we do it all here on a rig bench.

You will find pricing below. Please note that these turbos are IN STOCK and ready to ship. At the very most, you will wait for a 3 day assembly time prior to shipping unless otherwise told by me or my staff. That is one of the reasons I waited so long to release to the public because I wanted inventory on the shelf. I hear horror stories all the time about people waiting months and months for stock frame turbos they have on order... I refused to put customers through that. If my inventory can't keep up with demand I will be 100% clear about that upon someone ordering, however I am confident we will always have these in stock.

**Also note, for any shops that are interested, we do have a full wholesale program on these along with tech support**

Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have! Thank you and I hope to see lots of you become part of the ELITE Family!

ELITE Accomplishments:

  • 1100+whp dynojet numbers consistently
  • TX2K 2016 Stock Frame Winner
  • 8.64 & 165mph Quarter Mile

ELITE Plus Accomplishments

  • 1200+whp dynojet numbers consistently
  • Fastest Stock Frame Turbo Quarter Mile
  • Fastest Stock Frame Turbo Half Mile
  • 202.52mph Half Mile (air 2 water intercooled)
  • 200.17mph Half Mile (air 2 air intercooled)
  • 8.14 & 170mph Quarter (air 2 water intercooled)
  • 8.27 & 168mph Quarter Mile (air 2 air intercooled)


  • Cerakoted Exhaust Manifold
  • Coated Compressor Covers
  • internally Ported Compressor Outlets
  • Garrett Bearing Cartages
  • Tial WasteGate Actuators
  • Tension Free WG Arms
  • Billet Anodized Compressor Wheels
  • 3" Coated Inlets
  • 3" TSM Silicone Couplers
  • Stainless Hardline Kit
  • Zinc Coated Bolt Kit


  • TSM ELITE: $8995.00
  • TSM ELITE Plus: $9995.00

*Note that cores are required to avoid fees*