June 22, 2016 4 min read


I wanted to share with you guys a project that we here at TSM are very excited about!  I haven’t had a lot of time lately to post the builds that are coming in and out of the shop (which I’m going to try and do better about), but this particular build had to be shared with the masses.

I have been trying to write this thread for 3 days, but in the middle of it I keep getting pulled all over the place at the shop .  I literally had to tell all the guys I was leaving, came to my favorite little lunch spot and plopped my laptop up at the bar for a little “thread session”.

We started working with this customer a couple years ago when he first started building his 13 GT-R.  Initially it was a 4.1, ETS3794 car that he primarily built himself.  Andres is a local guy that is a true enthusiast!  I have never seen someone stay so excited and passionate about car stuff and car people in my life.  It is a true refreshment to have him around and a part of the TSM crew.

To paint the picture a little on Andres…he is very much a do-it-yourself kinda guy.  You can’t tell him he “can’t” have something because he will figure out how to get it made.  You can’t tell him something can’t be made because he will find the guy who says it can!  You can’t talk any “sense” into this guy. LOL!  He is a great guy with lots of connections around the industry.  We help absolutely everywhere we can.  He is a huge supporter and advocate of myself and my company so however he can work with us even if it cost him a little more he does it.

So several months ago he came to me asking me to build him a forward facing one off turbo kit for his car.  Building a nasty forward facing car was something I had considered doing with our blue race car, however the 4.4 Alpha16 combination was working so good and is more directly tied to what an average customer wanted.  I was struggling with upgrading it as our race car was still getting better….which meant our customers cars were still getting better.   Needless to say, Andres presenting me with the option of joining forces on his car couldn’t have come at a better time!  So we struck an agreement and went to work!!!

Andres wanted this forward facing manifold kit to retain AC and power steering as he plans to drive the car on the street a considerable amount.  We played with manifold runner size and length testing things as well as making clearance for the “streetcar” amenities that he wanted.

We built the turbo kit with some pretty trick stuff.  Things like individual 02 sensors per runner, position sensors on the 50mm wastegates, TSM Spec custom 7270 Precision turbos with v-band housings, back pressure sensors, completely independent oiling system, 4” Titanium hood exit exhaust, custom built bumper for intakes, Air to Water Intercooler/Heat Exchanger (street version)…. (The list goes on but gets a little less interesting and a little more technical from there, so I’ll leave the details for the Q&A 

So while all that is really awesome and I’m super proud of the work my guys did, right in the middle of it, the build took a little turn…. For the better. Andres decided to beat doors down until someone would build him a billet block for his TSM turbo kit to bolt to.  Remember a couple paragraphs ago when I said he hunts what he wants until he makes it happen?  Well, this was no different.   A company was commissioned to cut him a billet block and we went to work on the rest of the long block.

The current setup that was in the car was sold in its entirety to another local friend of ours with a GT-R, so we were starting from scratch on the heads and block.   Andres speced the internals for the block and took care of all of that himself.  I will let him share if he likes because that isn’t my information to give.  The heads we collaborated together on to come up with a winning combination!  We chose to go with the same parts that are in the TSM shop car, so I called my friend Greg at GSC to send over the goodies.  GSC Beehive Springs, GSC 2mm over intake valves, GSC 1mm over exhaust valves, and the all new GSC Billet core S3 cams!!! We put all that together at TSM’s local machine shop with CNC ported heads all ready for the billet goodness!

I won’t go on and on, but needless to say we are VERY excited to be a part of this build.  It is in the final stages of assembly now and should be running next week.   We will be testing a couple of prototype parts on this car that we are also extremely pumped about bringing to market for the community.  I can’t say much more about that, but there are two main things on this car that are one off TSM parts we will be testing for mass production in the very near future.

I will keep posting pictures and some video as the car comes together and fires up.  As always, please feel free to ask all the questions you guys want.  If I can answer them I will be happy to!   Be prepared to see some impressive stuff out of this car… it will be at the drag strip within the month!