October 25, 2016 2 min read

I just wanted to share a baby build we just finished up on a customers car!  

This car came to us from Florida with some small previous bolt-on parts.   The customer wanted to be consulted on the best route to take in order to build his 1k HP in steps rather than all at once.   One of the things I love to do most is plan out a clients end goal to ensure we don't spend money twice or if so it was unavoidable. 

As I explained to him our ELITE Turbo system is perfect for the customer that wants to start with stock engine/trans and move from there.  The turbos spool crazy fast for the amount of power they can ultimately deliver and yet retain safe torque levels for the factory components.  

Some people don't know this,  however, a bigger turbo is actually safer on factory components when not turned up than a small turbo turned up.  Reason being you are not having to use excess boost and thereby torque to make horsepower up top.   It makes for an awesome combination.    So before someone says "wonder how long that will stay together" that is your answer.  This setup makes 600ft pounds of torque which less than most FBO E85 cars and will run as happy as a pig in shit    (no that saying isn't copyrighted you can use it lmao) 

So at the end of the day the customer was delivered a crazy fun street car that ran as good or better than when it came in for street manners but made 250 more whp.   He just happened to drive directly from here to the road course and complete a full track day on Saturday to test it out!   Happy client happy ... well nothing rimes with client but you get it. 

Here is the mod list... please feel free to ask any questions you may have!  


  • -TSM ELITE Turbo System
  • -Extreme Turbo Systems Race FMIC
  • -Extreme Turbo Systems Downpipes
  • -Injector Dynamics ID1300 Injectors
  • -Hard Wired Walbro 485 Fuel Pumps
  • -Visconti Flex Fuel Kit
  • -94mm y-pipe & CBE (customer supplied) 
  • -ECUTEK Race Rom
  • -Taylor@TopSpeed Tuned