July 11, 2017 5 min read

Wanted to share this awesome review that a TSM ELITE customer gave us on a local forum board.  

We are honored to be able to serve our customers at a level like this.  What a privilege it is to help enthusiasts enjoy their cars. 


Hi guys! We rarely see some track side reviews, so; I thought it would
be a good idea to do one and at the same time give you guys an update
on my recent build. I've been in the GTR scene for about 3 years now.
Went from stock to FBO and now an all out Elite build. The first thing
I had to choose was who will I trust to send my pride and joy to? So
just like you are doing now, I've read reviews and also tried to find
some history on the top shops in North America. So after reading
John's review on here, it made TSM top of the list but, I was not sure
yet. That did not last long as I saw the results of the Ocala WGF and
both TSM Elite cars that were attending made 200+ mph passes all
weekend. THAT just did it!! My decision was made to send my car to TSM
for the Elite Plus package.

Meanwhile I had my Trans done by Sheptrans to a Stage 4 so I have some
head room if I ever go bigger. (Pro 1700 lol). I got Cicio to put in a
SB billet crank just for reassurance.

So as the build progressed I though it would be fun to have my car
revealed to me on May 20 & 21 at the North Carolina WGF race.

Here I am at track after a 15 hour drive from home, with very little
sleep in the 4 previous days due to such excitement about one thing "
finally seeing my car".
That Friday night I finally met Cicio for the first time in person and
he introduced me to his crew, oh boy!!!! that's when it all started.
Each of the members came to see me and talk to me like they had always
known me. That Friday night was so AWESOME!!! We went for drinks and
talked about cars all evening ... (still didn't sleep much lol)

The big day was FINALLY here!!! Saturday morning I was heading to the
track at 6:30am. As I pulled in to the Airport I see 2 white GTR's
that were already out in front of the TSM trailer. That's my car!!!
that's my car!!!! and yes my car was out there sitting next to Brian's
beast. That's when I realized that I was in the big boy's club now...
Seeing Brian's car in person was great, but seeing my car next to his
and built by the same shop was a dream come true for me. I was part of
the team!!:) So I jump out of my truck head to my car and started to
explore the state of the art job that TSM did to my car. I was
noticing each and every little detail that they put in. After 15 mins
of looking at it, I ask Cicio  "can I start it?" he said "sure". When
I heard it run I had a smile from ear to ear. I had a race car now!!

So this is when my track side review starts..lol  As the TSM crew
showed up they were all pumped up and ready to make us; the racers;
experience track support. There were about 9 cars in the TSM fleet, so
from checking tire pressure, torquing wheels, jacking cars up,
changing tires they were getting cars ready for the 8 o'clock
sponsor's lane opening. At 8:15am I was in line. Little side note,
last time I drove the car was in October at FBO stage. So yes I was
about to have a "rude awakening". So Cicio explained a few things to
me...that I forgot one second after,lol, but the only thing I
remembered  was short shift the first then gun it If ur feeling ok. So
that's exactly what I did, short shift the first at about 6k then.....
Oh yes baby.... just gunned it, it's really hard to put a feeling on
something you've never felt before but this was like being strapped to
a rocket. I was so happy to have the car shift by itself cuz there no
way I was able to look at the gauge from this point. I was holding the
steering as tight as possible and looking straight ahead.  shift to 2
then 3-4-5-6 WOW the amount of G's against your body is unreal.  And
on the shutdown I was just shaking my head and couldn't believe what
I've just experienced. As I picked up my time slip and saw 201mph
happy tears came to my eyes. Then as I pulled up to the trailer and
saw all the guys with there arms up, I just stopped the car and gave a
big hug to Cicio and thank him for building my car!! I was shaking
like a leaf..lol BEST MOMENT EVER.

Then, I did a second run, still 201 mph, then my third run the engine
cuts out just as I shifted to second.  I dropped the gas and just
shifted slowly, at this point I was still in heaven and couldn't care
less of what had happened..lol As I turn off the runway I look to my
left and see a man on a scooter waving at me, Superman to the rescue,
it was Cicio!! Even if he works on other cars, talking to others, he
still sees what's happening on the track. So I open my window and he
starts asking me questions, having me do some tests,,,, and this is
while cruising at 40 mph in the return lane.  As I arrived to the
trailer it was a like at Nascar, guys were waiting and receiving
instructions from Cicio. Did not have time to back my car in line
since my 2 front wheels were already off and they were getting my
front bumper off. Since there was a few possible causes they attacked
the hardest one first, check for a blown charge pipe.(Since I did my
own IC install..lol). So I got out of the car with my Accessport so
Taylor could check my log. As Taylor plugs the Accessport ,we get a
confirmation from the mechanics that the pipes are good. Shortly
after, Taylor confirmed that it went into protection mode since my
fuel pressure monitor saw a 1 psi over set point. Wow that was it. All
this in about 5-10 min span !!! At this point I was so happy that TSM
was in my corner. Did about 5 others passes after that and they were
all in the  201 mph range flawlessly.

There are a ton of dealers out there; some good and some not so good.
A six year old can sell you car parts but when it comes to support,
then its a different story. We're always gonna have questions,
upgrades needed, or we want more power... There are always a few
routes to take, some might be more expensive than others but in the
long run you will save soooo much time, headaches and most of all
money. I would recommend TSM to anyone and everyone, and I will return
to TSM for all of my future upgrades. Feel free to ask me any