January 19, 2017 3 min read


What we have created here is one of the better driving GT-Rs I have been in.   When we started on this car it was nothing but minor bold-ons a couple months ago.  The customer decided to send us the car from northern VA for a complete build.  

We opted to stay with a 4.1 stroker on this build and combine it with the ETS Turbo kit.  We fitted that kit with the GTX3582 Garrett turbos utilizing the Tial .82 turbine housing.   This setup makes for very awesome response on the street!  Great spool and out of boost torque with really awesome transient boost response as well.  

This build utilizes our Level 2 R35 GT-R heads to extract exhaust from the big stroker.  Our Level 2 heads feature our in house developed porting and exhaust runner polishing.  When it comes to components, we use all GSC Power valvetrain parts.  On the Level 2 heads we use 1mm oversized intake valves and standard sized super alloy exhaust valves.  We do this for a very specific reason that I won’t go into here.   Holding pressure on them is the GSC Beehive springs with their include Titanium retainers.   These setup allows us to rev our strokers to over 9000rpm safely.   On top of all that of course go the industry leading Billet GSC camshafts.  For this particular build we opted for the S2 as it matched with the turbine better than the bigger S3.  

Most of the other parts that help get the air in and out of this 4.1 liter air pump are made by our friends at Extreme Turbo Systems ( ETS )  We used their Race FMIC along with piping and of course their R35 GT-R Twin Turbo Kit.  We also used their killer 4” exhaust system which allowed us to run 40psi of boost through it with little to no restriction.   This setup of course requires 12 injectors so we opted for the Boost Logic intake manifold with the 3rd fuel rail option.  

Speaking of 12 injector that brings us around to how we decided to control all this power.  While the factory ECU has the capability to run a setup like this I would argue it for sure can’t do it well.   So we turned to our friends at Motec to supply us with their R35 Motec M1 ECU.   The M1 ECU not only controls the 12 injectors seamlessly it also has built in functionality that simply make translating this type of power to the road way more efficient.  Not only does it have very precise torque control which gives the tuner the ability to limit torque under any given situation, it also has motorsports style traction control that works incredibly well.   The control we have in any given circumstance whether that be rolling anti-lag, launch control, low traction situations… all of it the Motec M1 simply handles like a champ!  In our mind there is no better system out there for the R35 GT-R.

I hope you guys enjoyed learning a little about the build … you can check out some pictures and the dyno graph below.  Stay tuned for more V6 monsters coming through the doors at TopSpeed soon!