KW H.A.S. Sleeve Coilover Spring Kit for Nissan GT-R

Before The One Lap Of America,
"After Leh drove the GT-R at VIR a couple months ago he as very impressed with the dampening of the factory shocks. While we know there are several great options out there for shocks, we also feel that the car has tons of potential utilizing the factory suspension. Given the fact that OneLap is a street tire event only, we think that the stock dampers will be adequate to handle the adjustments needed to maximize the car. If however we were running this event on slicks or some type of r-compound tire there may be more need for the adjustability of an aftermarket damper."

"The KW sleeve kit for the Nissan R35 GT-R is designed to work with the factory struts and mounts. The provided springs give a much more sporty ride and lowers the car enough to improve the balance of the car. Like all KW Suspension parts, the sleeve coilover kit is very high quality. Most of the time, a kit of this type would create noisy squeaks and pops that can be irritating. The KW design eliminates this with proper spring rates and utilization of factory rubber mounts.

Spring Rates:

Front 800lbs / 363kg Rear 460lbs / 209kg

The coilover kit is a great solution for anyone looking for high performance without having to spend thousands more on a complete set of coilovers.