Cicio Performance C630 Package

The Cicio Performance 630whp Package is the perfect solution to getting the max power from your stock turbo GT-R without compromising reliability or quality!

Call for Price

Introducing the Cicio Performance 630whp Power Package for the R35 Nissan GT-R!

Looking for the max power for your stock turbo GT-R?  Cicio Performance has the answer without compromising on quality or reliability.  Our packages include all the parts necessary to make the power reliably for years to come!

Package Includes:

  • Cicio Performance Intakes
  • ETS Downpipes
  • Upgraded Midpipe
  • Cicio Performance Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit
  • Fuel Pump Hardwire Kit
  • ID1300X Injectors
  • GT1R Flex Fuel Kit
  • EcuTek Tuning Software


******Cobb is available by request but for most setups Ecutek will be the most scalable tuning solution if you’re looking to upgrade more down the line.