Cicio Performance C800 GT-R Package

Looking to extract 800whp out of your stock GT-R engine and trans?! We have put together a perfect yet cost effective package to suit your goals!


Cicio Performance C800 GT-R Package


Our C800 package is something we’ve been installing and constantly updating for years now. We now offer our own in house turbo upgrade within our C800 package to bring you a truly powerful yet reliable build on a stock engine and stock transmission equipped GT-R. 

We’ve installed countless numbers of these packages and have also shipped them out for customers and our vendors to install as well. Not only does this package set you up with modifications that maximize the gains you can make out of the stock GT-R power plant, it also sets you up to win in the future. With the addition to a built engine and transmission to this package one can easily make around 1000whp, leaving you plenty of room to grow into.

Already have some modifications done to your GT-R? No problem! Fill out our package submission form here, list the current modifications done to your GT-R, and we’ll set you up with a quote tailored just to suite your needs.


What’s included in this package:

  • Cicio Performance ELITE Gateway Turbo Upgrade
  • Cicio Performance 3” Intakes
  • ETS Street Front Mount Intercooler
  • ETS 3” Downpipes
  • ETS Non Resonated Midpipe
  • HKS Legamax Catback Exhaust
  • Omni Power 4 Bar Speed Density Conversion
  • GT1R Flex Fuel Kit
  • Injector Dynamics ID1300X Injectors
  • Cicio Performance Spec Stage 2 Fuel Pumps
  • Cicio Performance Spec Hardwire Kit
  • Choice of Cobb Accessport or EcuTek Tuning Solution
  • Cicio Performance Custom FlexFuel Protune for In-house Installations
  • Cicio Performance Custom FlexFuel E-Tune for Shipped Packages
  • Cicio Performance Custom TCM Map


Cicio Performance C800 GT-R Package Dyno: