Cicio Performance Corvette C8 Exhaust Module


Cicio Performance Corvette C8 Exhaust Module

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After installing several aftermarket exhaust systems on various C8’s, we quickly discovered that even though a lot of the systems on the market have the valve actuator brackets for the main valves when the car goes from 4cyl to 8cyl operation, that there is still a check engine light that appears.


We realized that this eye sore would not be preferable to 99% of the owners out there so we set out to figure out a solution for this.


Our exhaust module is a direct plug in item with very simple installation and will eliminate any check engine lights caused by the valve system on the factory exhaust!



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Model Year

2020, 2021

NPP Valves

Yes, No

1 review for Cicio Performance Corvette C8 Exhaust Module

  1. garrett454ss (verified owner)

    Corsa says you can delete the NPP valves without throwing a check engine light…..Not true for the 2021 C8. It will throw a CEL every time it does not see the NPP valves.  I have a dear friend that works for a Chevy dealer that has the scanner/software to get into the C8. He did a relearn on the AFM valves and it still threw a CEL after we unplugged the NPP valves.
      The solution was Cicio Performance Corvette C8 Exhaust Modules! I bought the AFM and the NPP delete modules, plugged these in, and no CEL! I been driving around on these for about 500 miles and so for so good. If you are going to change your exhaust and delete your NPP/AFM valves this is for you. I was treated very well by the people at Cicio, and got them right away. I have a friend that ordered an exhaust for his C8 and I ordered a set for him too.

    • Andrew Pasik

      Thank you for the kind words! Happy to hear we were able to help you!

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