Cicio Performance Custom ARP Hardened Flywheel Bolts for R35 GT-R

It took two years to design and manufacture these upgraded bolts with the biggest name in the fastener industry, ARP.

Now we’re proud to bring you our Cicio Performance Customer ARP Hardened Flywheel Bolts for the R35 GT-R. Made out of ARP 8740 Black Chrome Moly these bring tensile strength to the table, and a lot of it. ARPs standard practice of rolling the threads after heat treatment yield a tensile strength of 210,000 psi.

Leave your shammy stock ones behind, pick up our custom flywheel bolts, and pair them along with our race proven Diamond Claw for a seamless upgrade in protecting your GT-R crankshaft and flywheel.


What’s included:

  • 8 ARP Hardened Flywheel Bolts

Don’t forget to pair these with our Cicio Performance Diamond Claw for the ultimate crank to flywheel setup!