Cicio Performance ELITE VTG Turbos – 991 Turbo/Turbo S

The 991 Turbo/ Turbo S is an amazing platform right from the factory but there are always those look to bump the power while maintaining the drivability of how the car came from Porsche. Big turbo kits can allow for this power bump but usually fall short in the drivability department. Our Elite VTG Turbo Upgrade is the best of both worlds by utilizing Variable Turbine Geometry found on the stock turbos to maintain excellent drivability but with the added horsepower of a big turbo kit!


Cicio Performance 991 Turbo / Turbo S ELITE VTG Turbo Upgrade

These turbos are the boost source in our C750 package.  The C750 package includes intercoolers, exhaust, y-pipe/plenum as well*.  If you are interested in knowing what it takes to complete the whole package of supporting mods you can review that package on the packages section of our website.  However if you would like the special sauce turbos just to have installed at your local trusted shop we sell them individually as well!   We try hard to keep these on the shelf with a core exchange program for you guys.

Details include:

-Cicio Performance Proprietary Design

-70mm Compressor Exducer

-Up to 700hp on 93oct Pump Fuel

-750whp on 93oct Pump Gas/ Meth Injection

-800whp on Race Gas/ Meth Injection

*not included with turbo purchase