Dodson C8 Corvette Clutch Pressure Tuning Box By Cicio Performance

Upgraded your C8 Corvette and having clutch slipping issues? Have a high horsepower C8 build and looking for that extra edge for better power delivery? Say no more because the Dodson Corvette C8 clutch pressure box by Cicio Performance increases your clutch pressure up to 15%! Read below & watch our explanation video to find out more!


Looking to extract more power out of your C8 and having issues with the clutches slipping? Well look no further! The Dodson C8 Clutch Pressure Box by Cicio Performance increases the clutch pressure up to 15%!

Pressure boxes like this are used throughout the industry in a wide range of DCT cars in order to extract more power and we’re ecstatic to finally have an option for the C8! This pressure box allows you to adjust the clamping force of your clutch in your C8 corvette in 3 increments, 5%, 10%, or 15%.

This unit is useful throughout the C8 aftermarket world whether it be for the individual with the stock clutch trying to put down a little more power all the way to the individual utilizing a upgraded clutch trying to extract every little bit of horsepower headed to the ground!


What’s included:

1x – Dodson Pressure box

1x – Dodson pressure box wire harness


Explanation Video: 





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