Dodson Motorsport C8 Corvette Superstock Clutch Kit By Cicio Performance

We at Cicio Performance are super proud to partner with Dodson on the new Corvette C8 Platform!

After R&D and our own shop C8 we quickly realized that the factory clutch slips even with minor power upgrades so we immediately sent the clutch out to Dodson in New Zealand to build the world’s first Dodson C8 Superstock Clutch.

This is the most badass clutch available on the market for the C8 platform!


*** This clutch upgrade does utilize the factory clutch core so we will need that provided ***

*** Turn around time is 1-2 weeks ***


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Dodson Motorsport C8 Corvette Superstock Clutch Kit:

The wait is finally over as the world’s first turn key solution for the C8 Corvette clutch is finally available! With almost 2 years of R&D and testing we are extremely excited to be able to offer both dealers and individuals the Dodson Superstock Clutch for the C8 Corvette!

Retail Price: $2799

Dodson Motorsport are no strangers to blazing the trail when it comes to dual clutch transmissions and components which is exactly why Dodson is the world leader in aftermarket DCT components for high end performance vehicles. From GT-R, McLaren, Porsche, BMW, and more they lead the world in aftermarket solutions to put power to the pavement through dual clutch transmissions. Those who follow us closely know that we started working with Dodson early on in 2020 to provide C8 transmission solutions starting with the clutch. Unfortunately 2020 reared its ugly head which put an extraordinary delay on the manufacturing process. However 2021 is here and so are the C8 clutches!

Many that have pushed these cars, whether it be with turbo kits or nitrous, have already found the limit of the factory clutch pack. On the small stock side we start seeing them slip between shifts in the low 600s TQ. That means if you want to do a large bolt on build with maybe a little nitrous, a turbo kit, or a nice supercharger, that you will end up past the limit of the stock clutches.
The Dodson Superstock clutch however adds two full frictions to the clutch stack resulting in an increased surface area of more than 30% over the stock clutches. The inside basket or “small basket” has 6 frictions total that make up the stock unit. Dodson increases the small stack to 8 frictions while maintaining a thickness integrity to ensure a long lifespan and reliability. The outside or “large stack” uses a 5 disc stack from the factory which is increased to 7 in the Dodson Superstock unit! What does that mean to you? Well the small stack increase of friction area is just over 33% while the large stack is just under a 40% increase. Don’t forget that the high performance frictions Dodson produces also have 3-5% more holding force than the factory materials. Dodson is approximately rating the clutch at a very conservative 800wtq with the thought that it’s always best to under promise and over deliver.

Please also keep in mind that sometimes with DCT clutches the drivability is just as important as the extra power being held. Especially with the C8 where we currently don’t have control of tuning the TCM yet. A lot of the time this is where the men are separated from the boys in the DCT drivability world. While some manufacturers may produce a clutch with thinner disks and steels to fit in the basket, that doesn’t mean it’s going to drive well at all. In fact most of the time it is the exact opposite with very notchy rollout and flared shifting. Dodson tested their C8 clutch in their own car over and over and over to find the best performance upgrade while maintaining the closest to stock like drivability possible. The result is a level 1 style clutch upgrade that we’ve all been craving for a while when it comes to the C8; a performance upgrade without giving up any creature comforts!

We are very proud to be able to offer in house build services for all of these units! We require your core clutch in order to be upgraded, however rather than sending your clutch to Dodson we do the upgrade here in house at Cicio Performance! Not only does that drastically reduce turnaround time but it also reduces any risk of sending and/or losing parts overseas. We are currently the only facility in the world with the privilege of offering that service! Once we have materials in stock turn around times will be less than 48 hours with expedite options available.

Stock clutch:

  • Small: 6 Plates
  • Large: 5 Plates
Dodson Clutch:
  • Small: 8 Plates (2 extra ~ 33% increase)
  • Large: 7 Plates (2 extra ~ 40% increase)


**All Custom Orders are refundable within 30 days of purchase but are subject to a 25% restocking fee. After 30 days custom orders are no longer refundable. If you have any questions on this please reach out to us before ordering

**Due to current world events causing global shortages on materials and production that this product may be susceptible to longer than standard lead times. We do however realize that some people order a product because they need it immediately so if this is the case please contact us at 679-297-7770  or [email protected] before ordering so we can get you the most accurate lead time possible.

*** This clutch upgrade does utilize the factory clutch core so we will need that provided ***


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