Dodson R35 Polyurethane Engine Mounts By Cicio Performance

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Dodson R35 Polyurethane Engine Mounts



This mount is the perfect compromise between the stock vs. full solid billet mount. Will not be spongy and soft like the stock mount, but will give that slight extra firmness due to the stiffer polyurethane without killing ride quality like a solid mount.


Perfect for the street driven and tracked GT-R to keep the power robbing engine movement to a minimum ensuring more power is put to the ground


  • Manufactured from high grade billet 6061 Aluminum alloy that increases the strength of the mounts
  • Mounts are upgraded from rubber to polyurethane
  • Maintains prop shaft alignment between the engine and the transmission especially under high torque
  • Reduced vibration from solid mount systems
  • Lighter and smoother than OEM
  • Direct OEM replacement so modification to the engine mount locations is not required