GT1R CNC R35 Rear Differential Cover

Build it, break it, make it stronger, it’s a theme that tends to go with pushing boundaries. The fact that the GR6 transmission is keeping up with 1500whp builds is mind boggling. The fact that it’s keeping up with 2500whp builds is ludicrous. Little by little new limits are found and new solutions are born.



T1 has teamed up with Frontline Fabrication to bring these pieces of art to the public. We’ve been testing this CNC cover in our customer cars for a couple years now. It was a bit ahead of it’s time then, but where 1500+whp cars are a dime a dozen now, times have changed!

What starts as a 58lb chunk of 6061 aluminum, turns into this beautifully machined 8.75lb diff cover after many hours in the CNC. There are 3 shoulder bolts in the cover where it attaches to the transmission housing, this ensures zero slop and precise location. All hardware and a new upper differential brace are included.

Because of the shoulder bolts, the upper differential brace had to be redesigned, and mounting provisions were added to the cover for this purpose. Only the upper brace is included with the cover because so many people already have the T1 diff brace kit. If you need the lower brace to go along with it, that’s an option as well, and can be added for $250. The lower braces fit both the stock diff cover and the T1 CNC cover.