Locking Axle Bolts For Nissan GT-R By Cicio Performance


Locking Axle Bolts for the Nissan GT-R By Cicio Performance (Set of 24):


Locking Axle Bolts Description:

Tired of axle bolts backing out?  Unable to get those axles to stay in place with your big power build regardless of all your efforts, and you think that the miracle solution doesn’t exist? Look no further.

These fasteners are 100% guaranteed to avoid coming loose. Their design doesn’t just block friction between the threads (how standard bolts and nuts usually work) but ensures a complete lock of the mechanism that can withstand almost anything. Utilizing the special v bolts you can then position the nut in its place, a retainer is placed on it (the part having a “water drop” shape), allowing it to be wedged against any surrounding part, and mechanically locking it tight. To finish, a snap ring (also called “clip”) is placed in the groove of the nut, to guarantee complete locking. Guaranteed.

Quick and easy to install, these locking fasteners are just as easy to remove and can be used as many times as you need. Whether they are facing vibrations, heating and cooling cycles, expansions, knocks or any other sort of challenging condition, they remain locked in place. Nut and snap ring are made of stainless steel, plated with a duplex Nickel finish. Retainers are polished aluminum. These materials guarantee and long term resistance against seizure.