C8 Corvette MCS 2WNR Coilover Kit by Cicio Performance

With the addition of the MCS suspension on an otherwise completely stock C8 Corvette we were able to take a whole 7 seconds off our lap time at Road Atlanta! If you’re serious about tracking your C8 this is an absolute must!


The Corvette C8 is a great car out of the box but after our first track day we quickly realized there were some areas we could improve on.

The first key area we wanted to upgrade was the factory suspension so we reached out to our good friends at MCS (Motion Control Suspension) to develop the C8 into a track monster!

This was done using their 2-way non-remote shocks which allowed us to control the rebound and damping to dial in the car for different track styles and conditions.

The results were super impressive to say the least, with our specific spring rates we were able to take 7 seconds off our lap time at Road Atlanta after making a few tweaks to the suspension.

The car was completely transformed into a weapon suitable to fight (and beat) cars like the Porsche GT3 which have been the streetcar king of the track for quite some time.

This package includes:

  • 2-way Non-Remote Shocks
  • Bearing Plates (x4)
  • Cicio Spec Main Springs (x4)
  • Cicio Spec Tender Springs (x4)
  • Spring Spacers
  • Spring Washers


** Disclaimer – This is a motorsports grade suspension system and requires professional Installation as well as setup. If you would like to schedule the install with us we can provide the initial setup on the car but please keep in mind every car is different and will require fine tuning for optimal results **


***Please note that due to current world events causing global shortages on materials and production that this product may be susceptible to longer than standard lead times. We do however realize that some people order a product because they need it immediately so if this is the case please contact us at 679-297-7770  or [email protected] before ordering so we can get you the most accurate lead time possible.


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