MoTeC M1 PLUG IN ECU KIT for Porsche 991.1 Turbo/Turbo S By Cicio Performance

We are very excited to announce the release of the Porsche 991 Turbo and Turbo S Plug & Play Motec M1 !!!!

We have been working with Motec USA for almost a year to develop a Firmware package and adaptor box for the 2014+ 991 Turbo and Turbo S models of the Porsche 911.   This package gives the user full control of all the typical functions you would expect from a motorsport ECU.  Items like advanced traction control, torque limiting, RPM limits based on wheel speeds, map switching and much more is all standard on the new Porsche Firmware package.


Advanced features include:

  • Port Injection Control
  • Flex Fuel Capabilities
  • Map Switching based on Vehicle mode
  • Additional inputs for items like coolant pressure, EGT or other safety sensors
  • All mounting hardware for factory like fitment included
  • All essential Porsche Original Equipment (OE) functions are maintained



MoTeC M142 Plug in ECU kit for Porsche 991.1 Turbo/Turbo S


We also offer an optional calibration to be loaded and shipped with your Porsche M1.  The unit ships from Motec with a file that will do no more than start the vehicle in OE configuration.  The calibration will need to be built out from scratch otherwise.  If you are an individual looking for tuning solutions or a shop wanting a head start to save you hours and hours of setup we are here to help!  We have spent months on our in house development cars both at the drag strip and road course constructing calibration files.


Included in our cal file:

  • Fully Unlocked Calibration
  • Launch Control Strategy
  • Traction Control Strategy
  • Port Injection Setup
  • Clutch Torque Translation Buildout
  • Knock Control Filters
  • Base Timing Tables
  • Base Fuel Tables
  • Methanol Trigger Options
  • Methanol Ramp and Delay
  • Multiple Safetys / Limits setup with current parameters and delays
  • Clutch Slip Control
  • Shift Cut Strategy Programed
  • Unlimited Adjustablity
  • Unlimited Customer Support

*If you have any questions whatsoever you can email us at and expect a close to immediate reply.

*Wholesale pricing available!  Inquires are welcome


Optional Transmission Tuning!

  • Allows you to get rid of Cobb Accessport completely
  • Customized shift points in auto mode
  • High Pressure Clutch Mapping


Details about the M1Series:

Advances in technology have increased the demands on a vehicle’s components, especially the ECU. This demand has reached the point where a single firmware to ECU configuration cannot meet the market’s ECU requirements (even with increased capacity and processor speed).
The M1 series was conceived by MoTeC to overcome this one-to-one, firmware to ECU limitation, by designing a system where operational efficiency, advanced features and flexibility are its primary objectives. At its core, M1 provides the ability to develop a suite of flexible and tailored solutions (packages), making it ideal for any application (however complex) and category management.


  • Latest generation high performance processor
  • Large logging memory, fast Ethernet downloads
  • Compact and lightweight in robust magnesium enclosure
  • Supports direct injection and port injection applications
  • Supports advanced logging features including Pro Analysis (i2 Pro)
  • Advanced security system, incorporating an anti-tampering microprocessor
  • Access log-in levels for multiple users



**All Custom Orders are refundable within 30 days of purchase but are subject to a 25% restocking fee. After 30 days custom orders are no longer refundable. If you have any questions on this please reach out to us before ordering

**Due to current world events causing global shortages on materials and production that this product may be susceptible to longer than standard lead times. We do however realize that some people order a product because they need it immediately so if this is the case please contact us at 679-297-7770  or before ordering so we can get you the most accurate lead time possible.


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