NA C8 Corvette Oil Change Package By Cicio Performance

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When it comes to maintenance, certainly one of the most important aspects of keeping your C8 Corvette going for the long haul is the oil.  There are so many choices out there today it’s hard to know what to run and we are going to make that part easy for you; run what we run!


Our Naturally Aspirated C8 Corvette Oil Change Package includes:

1x 5L Motul 8100 5W-40

1x AC Delco C8 Corvette Filter

1x OEM Drain Plug Seal & O-Ring

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  • We recommend 8100 for any naturally aspirated C8 Corvette
  • If you select the C8 oil change package, 1 5L jug is included, along with 3 1L bottles & the OEM Seal/O-ring
  • 8100 X-cess gen2 5W40 is OEM approved for all new 2019+ BMWs requiring LL-01 (and backward compatible to all previous cars requiring BMW LL-01)
  • Increased oil performance in high horsepower applications
  • Improved viscosity stability under extreme temperatures
  • Low pour point for better cold start performance
  • Better additive retention contributing to engine protection
  • Longer oil life