AMS Alpha 9 Turbo Kit - Porsche 997.1TT


Acceleration That Will Leave You Breathless

Speed like nothing you have experienced. A power package that will leave ANY supercar in its dust. At over 900HP the Alpha 9 Performance Package will turn your Porsche 997.1 into a force to be reckoned with!

Putting (A Lot) More Power Under the Curve

The greatest benefit of the Alpha 9 Porsche 997 Package is the increased power and torque figures in all areas of the power band. This isn’t a 900hp top-end only car, there is more torque and horsepower available at all RPM points. No waiting for the power to come on or the turbos to spool, when you lay into the throttle you are met with an immediate rush of torque.

Alpha 9 Billet Turbos: Big Benefits, No Compromises

Requirements of this package involved the provision of a turbocharger system capable of producing a substantial increase in horsepower with no loss in boost response when compared to the 997’s stock VTG turbocharger system. By replacing the stock system with our larger, billet wheel, ball bearing turbochargers, we were able to retain the quick spool-up characteristics of the stock system while significantly improving performance across the entire powerband. In addition, our upgraded turbochargers remain in the stock locations – avoiding clutter and fitment issues.

The Largest Intercoolers You Can Get for Your P-Car

The Alpha 997 Intercooler System utilizes a pair of 5.5” thick, high volume cores giving you the most power producing option on the market. Each core provides twice the fin density (24 fins per inch) for unmatched cooling.

Cooler Intake Charge Boosts Power and Response

The Alpha 997 Intercooler System retains full use of the intercooler inlets (located in front of each rear wheel) forcing cool air into our larger, carbon fiber shrouds. Not only is this option more aesthetically pleasing, each rigid, OEM-quality, carbon fiber piece is made to seamlessly mate to the Alpha Intercoolers feeding them cooler ambient air more efficiently. Not to mention eliminating the need to remove or butcher your intercooler ducting like the competition.

Maximum Airflow for Maximum Horsepower and Torque

Another key component to the intercooler system is our computer designed intercooler piping. This features a cast aluminum y-pipe offering 40% more flow. The larger 2.5” diameter is significantly wider than stock (1.79”) and its cast aluminum construction allowed our Engineers to provide the best flow while conforming to the tight surroundings of the engine bay. In addition, our computer designed, precisely molded, custom silicone couplers provide perfect fitment and optimized geometry for improved airflow volume and velocity. All of this careful planning and design equates to unmatched power and response helping you stay ahead of your competition!

Taking a Proven Intake Design and Making it Even Better

Porsche provided separate air inlets for the intercooler and intake system on the 997 so each would have their own supply of cool ambient air. Most competitors upgrades re-route the intake tubing to collect air from the intercooler inlet in order to simplify development. Unfortunately, the intakes end up scavenging pressurized air from the intercoolers. The Alpha 9 Porsche 997 Performance Package retains full use of Porsche’s extremely efficient factory air box and couples it together with our very own high volume silicone intake tubes.

While many believe an aftermarket air box (kit) improves performance, we kept the factory unit because:

  • Unlike almost all aftermarket intakes*, it preserves the turbochargers’ ability to draw its own supply of cool, dense air from outside the vehicle rather than hot air from within the engine bay
  • From our tests, mating the factory air box to higher volume intake tubes are proven more efficient for extreme horsepower applications.

Not only does this allow for more horsepower, it is essential to producing it safely – ensuring optimal intake air temperatures (IAT).Where the stock intake tubes collapse under the intense vacuum loads created by our billet wheel turbochargers, our high volume silicone intake tubes are steel wire reinforced to withstand such increased levels of negative air pressure. In addition, our CAD design allows us to maximize the dimensions of this reinforced tubing, providing you the highest capacity for air flow while fitting within the tight confines of your 997’s engine bay.*Our package will mate to any aftermarket intake kit that is compatible with the stock intake design (i.e. maintains stock routing and fitment). However, we do not recommend aftermarket air intakes that pull air from within the vehicle’s engine bay.