Cicio Performance GT-R 800WHP Power Package

Tuning Solution
Catback Exhaust

Introducing the TSM 800whp Power Package for the R35 Nissan GT-R! Looking for a little extra power for your stock GT-R? TSM has the answer without compromising on quality or reliability. We've had cars reliably make anywhere from 750whp to 855whp on this same exact setup! This package includes all the parts necessary to support 680 whp on 93 pump gas and 800 whp on E85 - just add a tuning solution from the options below or supply your own and you're all set! 


Newly revised for 2019, the TSM 800whp Power Package now includes the brand new TSM ELITE Gateway turbo upgrade!


The TSM 800whp Power Package Includes:



  • Cobb Accessport or EcuTek
  • Remote Tuning
  • ETS 4" Catback Exhaust & Y Pipe