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HP Tuners GM E99 ECM Unlock Service

Discover the power of customization with HP Tuners’ support for the GM Global B E99 ECM found in your C8 Corvette Stingray!

Unlock the full potential of your vehicle’s diagnostics and tuning capabilities with our one-time send-in upgrade service. Your vehicle will have to be scheduled for service and tuning at Cicio Performance.

Before purchasing, we recommend reading through the entire page to ensure a smooth process.

Ready to tune your supported GM Global B vehicle? Connect with our sales team at [email protected] or call (678)-297-7770 to schedule your service & tuning session.

Get your C8 Corvette GM E99 ECM ready for the ultimate tuning experience! HP Tuners is excited to offer comprehensive custom diagnostics and tuning support in VCM Suite (BETA) for GM’s Global B E99 ECM.

Supported Vehicles:

• 2020-2023 Chevrolet Corvette 6.2L (LT2) (non-Z06)

Our one-time send-in service upgrades your original E99 ECM (Global B generation only) and is essential for tuning using HP Tuners’ software. Once upgraded, we’ll have full access to calibrate, log, and scan through the OBDII port.

Here’s what you’ll need to tune your E99 ECM vehicle:

• One-time send-in GM E99 ECM Service (Global B) upgrade service • HP Tuners MPVI3 OBDII Interface

• Purchase (8) Universal Credits to license your E99 ECM

Please note that Universal Credits for licensing are not included in the cost of any upgrade service or purchase. Make sure to purchase credits separately.

Unlock the true potential of your GM Global B E99 ECM-equipped vehicle and experience the thrill of personalized tuning with Paragon Performance.

These ECM/PCM/TCM services are completed at the owner’s risk. HP Tuners will not be responsible for the vehicle, its powertrain, or electronics, nor how the control module is used, calibrated, and its functionality.

Due to the factory location of the ECM in the vehicle, all ECMs will exhibit signs of weathering and wear, which is completely normal