Elite Gateway Bolt On Turbo Upgrade! – Official Product Release

Introducing the latest and greatest stock manifold turbo offering from Cicio Performance!

TSM is proud to bring to you a new product that we believe fills a large hole in the turbo systems we offer. For years we have been building the highest performing stock manifold turbo systems there is for the GT-R and this new line is no different. Here is a little background info. We of course started with the ELITE system that made 1100whp that was revolutionary for its time in its class. From there we quickly determined we could extract even more so we developed the ELITE Plus. The ELITE Plus went on to outperform even most of its “big brothers” and destroyed its in class competition. Now as most of you know the new hotness has been released in the form of the ELITE Prime! This new system is a killer, but we found ourselves without a solution for a lot of our customers that wanted to make 1000whp on a mild built engine or 800hp on a stock engine. While the original ELITE and the new ELITE Prime technically could do that, the price point wouldn’t make much sense.

Now I obviously know we aren’t the first to the party in this market section. You have several options out there. Most of them being factory CHRA (bearing cartridge) with upgraded wheels put in them. Some of the options have upgraded CHRA units but we felt we could do it better given our R&D from years past.

What I wanted to provide was a price point turbo that had an aftermarket CHRA utilizing most of the factory lines and factory cover. This would help keep costs down without sacrificing long term reliability. In my experience when upgrading components while leaving the stock CHRA it really doesn’t take long for the CHRA to start showing signs of wear due to the increased load. Many from years past can attest to oiling stock CHRA turbos very prematurely. I only want to produce products that we’re fully confident in standing behind. The only what to do that is what I would consider correct and to not cut corners. We knew we couldn’t compete on the 3k level and I honestly don’t want to. However a solution was needed to help bridge the gap for customers that simply don’t want a full low 8 second potential build.

So, without further ado, welcome to the party…the ELITE GATEWAY!!!!

The GATEWAY is what I consider the best all around turbo we could build for 1000whp or less. It makes amazing power while being able to keep the torque at bay for the stock engine guys. Yet it’s also ready and waiting for a nice stage 1 short block, Shep 2.5 trans, and 1000whp without an issue!

So what’s all this awesome sauce gonna cost you?

How’s $4500 bucks sound?!

Below you fill find the link to the product page for purchase options, a dyno graph on a stock engine stock trans 2009, and a little eye candy to get your addiction started!