I know it was over a week ago but the catchup here at the shop has been real the last few days. I must say this year's FL2K was one of the more enjoyable events I have participated in for quite some time.

We had a good showing of cars but not so many that I felt that we were torn in 100 directions. The cars performed over and over all through the four day torture test and the clients had smiles for miles on their faces all weekend!

The highlight for me has to have been the V10 showing.  I was able to actually enjoy some time racing my personal R8 which was nice, however the real high came from watching and competing against Kevin, Krystle and Tony.

Kevin’s C1400+ STO created some very proud moments for me.  With that car being a full conversion from 2WD to AWD, there were simply a lot of unknowns. 

I have a very very competent team but we are human and this was our first shot at such a complicated endeavor. Watching the car run pass after pass between rolls and drags without one single hint of a problem gave me another level of pride in my team. 

Right on the tail of that was watching Krystle & Tony with their C1400 R8.  Doing a little coaching with Krystle for the roll races was extremely rewarding as I watched her round after round get more comfortable with the car.  Initially I was told “we are just gonna race it on wastegate”  Yeah Right!!! That lasted all of 1 pass lol!

Performance Highlights Included:

  • Kevin’s STO [email protected] on 20” tires
  • Tony & Krystle’s R8 [email protected] stock trans
  • Shop R8 PB [email protected] (we beat that this past weekend with an 8.03 @177mph @ SCT Darlington)
  • I got my 2.96 60-130
  • P1 Sport Roll Race
  • P1 Modified Roll Race
  • P2 DCT Drag race (damn you Heffner) LOL
  • Kevin’s GT-R [email protected] (His first 7)
  • C1300 Porsche goes [email protected] off the trailer on 19s
  • Jan‘s GT-R went fast and blew flames
  • Joe Battista blew me a kiss
  • The Gators Den was open every night when we got done racing
  • I won enough money to pay for just under half the hotels and nothing else from the weekend lol

Gotta thank Victor and the entire BMP crew for putting on this event with everything that’s been going on recently. Even so far from home this was for sure one of the top FL2Ks to date. It was well organized and run extremely well. Huge thank you to Gainesville Raceway for hosting the event so last minute for us racers.

To my team, you guys are simply the best in the business!  I am blessed to be surrounded by people smarter than me!  Thank you for allowing me to lead us.

To my supporters… this level of joy and success would not be possible without you!

Extreme Turbo Systems

As many of you know these guys build all of our turbo kits for our Cicio packages.  The level of service and quality only add to what I believe is the best performing turbo kit available for these cars.  The partnership between our two companies has been not only powerful but extremely enjoyable over the years.

Dodson Motorsport

We work extremely closely with Dodson on several different platforms.  They are always first class when it comes to support as well as quality.


Wheels is one of the last places I’m willing to cut corners for very obvious reasons.  These guys are top tier, race bread and it shows.

Motec Systems USA

Best control there is!  Period.

I am very sure I am forgetting several things as well as people… that is always terrifying when posting these so I’m sorry if I did.

- Cicio