A Brand in Transition

Cicio Performance

This complete revamp of the brand starting with the name will be the first of several amazing changes that I believe will propel us toward bigger things than ever before. Myself and my entire team are cautiously optimistic and excited for what the future of the brand holds as we move into this new chapter of growth.

I am not foolish enough to think that this transition will be without its struggles or that it won’t be met with any opposition from people that identify with the TopSpeed brand. However, rest assured that the same people, attitudes, morals, and drive will go into making sure all that are involved are even more excited to join us on our fresh journey.

Current Brand

In the paragraphs to come you will read about pasts and futures.  You will learn some things that few people know that will hopefully bring some interesting understanding to the forward progression of myself and my company.

While you may read of change or transitions, I would like to start by being sure to address the elephant that is not in the room. So let me please take this opportunity to assure our clients, friends, family, and fans that what you are about to learn has zero hidden agendas or negative motivation. The company “TopSpeed Black LLC”, which is the official LLC, is more stable than ever and is not being changed. The company itself from staff to leadership to financials is stronger than it has ever been.  I know a lot of times the aura around tuner shops is not that of a very stable one, therefore when someone sees something like this happen there is a sense of… “what are they trying to cover up?”. Let me assure youthat is the complete opposite of the truth here. In fact, the name and business are so strong that this is a huge leap for me and the team. It not only has all kinds of complications but quite frankly also the tendency to be very scary. So please take a couple minutes and listen to my heart, passions, and reasoning for turning a brand page after over a decade of blood, sweat, and tears with TopSpeed.