for Huracan & R8

Our C1000 V10 (R8 / Huracan) package is our “Stage 2” to the V10 supercar platform.

This build does not give up any type of reliability or drivability to the C800 package.

But, what’s the difference between the C800 and C1000?

Our C800 package includes our proprietary turbo kit built for us by Extreme Turbo Systems and installing the DS1 tuning solution on the factory dual DMEs. The C800 creates the thrill many are looking for at an entry level but it’s limitations start with the use of the factory fuel system.

The C1000 package has two additions allowing an increased 200 wheel HP...

We first upgrade the stock fuel system to add a second brushless fuel pump. This gives the head room to make North of 1500hp worth of fuel system.

The next weak link we discovered is that putting us on the edge of the factory TCU programing. The stock clutch given the correct programming will easily handle the power of the C1000. We upgrade the coding inside the TCU to apply more clutch pressure giving us ample head room to safely make 1k HP, once again without sacrificing any drivability or reliability!