for Huracan & R8

Our C1200 V10 (R8 / Huracan) package unleashes some serious performance in your R8 or Huracan.

This is our “Stage 3” V10 build.

What are the first two package Stages?

The first stage, our C800, adds the proprietary turbo kit that Extreme Turbo System builds for us with Stock ECU tuning achieved with DS1 software. The C1000 then incorporates an upgraded fuel system capable of supporting all of our other packages up to our C1800.

Now let’s dive into the C1200…

For the C1200, we needed to address some of the deficiencies in the factory cutch as well as incorporate flex fuel (E85) into the build. When it comes to the clutch in the DL800 transmission, we only trust one company who is thankfully one of our largest partners; Dodson Motorsport. The C1200 comes standard with the Dodson Sportsman clutch developed for the DL800 and is optionally upgraded to the Promax if the client plans to launch the car regularly. We then incorporate E85 flex fuel tuning into the Stock ECU using the DS1 software which gives us the ability to safely turn up the power given the added octane of ethanol.

The result is a 1200hp monster that drives as if it were stock! Take it on dinner dates OR scare the piss out of your best bud.

It’s worth noting that we offer this level of build optional with the MoTec ECU upgrade. While it is not “necessary” for this level, there are advantages of it that can be explained by your sales person.