for Corvette C8

We’re ecstatic to offer our C900 Package for the C8 Corvette to the public!

The C900 package was designed to safely and reliably extract the maximum potential from your stock engine C8 Corvette. It was rigorously tested prior to its release and remains at the top of the food chain when it comes to stock engine performances and long term reliability! The kit comes with everything needed to transfer your stock C8 into an 800+whp beast! Our Shop C8 has seen over 10,000 turbo miles of hard driving and has not skipped a beat. The car drives like OEM but at the touch of the pedal you have access to 800+ all american HP! Did we mention that this package comes with a one year engine warranty to protect you against any catastrophic failures? We are so confident in this package that we wanted to prove it to our valued customers by being one of the first and only auto performance companies to offer this type of warranty!