for Huracan & R8

Our C1400 V10 (R8 / Huracan) package is the ultimate in stock engine V10 power.

This package maximizes what we can do without opening the engine of the already very robust German engineered V10.

The C1400 build is designed for the client who is interested in heavily racing their car in both roll race or drag racing applications.

We start with the same foundational elements of our thought through packages including the same proprietary twin turbo kit built for us by Extreme Turbo Systems. We option that turbo kit with slightly larger turbo chargers and wastegates to ensure boost control is perfectly achievable. We then make mandatory the MoTec M1 standalone system which we feel is not only beneficial but necessary at this power level.

Just like our C1200 level the build needs a full fuel system, with upgraded injectors as well as flex fuel optioned in order to take full advantage of the supporting modifications. We then upgrade the Dodson Sportsman clutch to a full billet basket Promax that ensures safe launchabitliy without risking breaking the factory drive gears on the clutch basket. While we’re working our way down the weak links in the driveline, the axle stubs along with the axles themselves are upgraded in this package. They are known to snap at this level if left alone.

The C1400 Package includes many optional upgrades depending on the client's use and desires.

Items such as our stage 2 gearbox all the way to our ultimate gearbox build, billet intake manifold, drag pack and more are all things you can ask your salesman about to see if any of these items fit within your needs.

This package has an optional warranty upgrade but does not come standard depending on use.