for Huracan & R8

Our C800 V10 (R8 / Huracan) package is a monster in performance.

While it is the gateway to our larger packages, don’t let it’s price point fool you…this build packs a serious punch!

With near double the factory wheel HP, the C800 immensely changes the driving experience.

The true gifts of this package include the complete rush of HP that would normally fall off over the initial torque hit and a V10 twin turbo sound that is absolutely irreplaceable.

Wondering how we do it?

Given the over engineered nature of the V10, we are able to take advantage of what the manufacturer over built.

We add our proprietary turbo kit built for us by Extreme Turbo Systems as well as installing the DS1 tuning solution on the factory dual DMEs. We use their software to create custom maps controlling fueling, timing and even boost control making a seamless driving experience.

People often ask, “What type of compromises are you making from the stock car?”


After driving countless aftermarket vehicles, we have found zero compromises with this build.

It sounds like a dream, but there are only upsides to our C800 package for the R8 and Huracan platforms and we’re proud of it!