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ADVAN Racing RCIII wheels were designed especially for rallies, dirt trials, and other such motorsports.

Where RCII wheels had five spokes, the RCIII models have 10, reflecting their completely new design to disperse impact more smoothly.

The winner of the 2009 All Japan Rally (JRC) ran on RCIII wheels.

This one-piece forge-cast wheel combines flow forming production with YOKOHAMA’s leading-edge casting technology to create the highest quality in today’s aluminium wheel market.

These wheels are designed to be as light as possible yet have the strength necessary to withstand the tremendous forces that come into play in the motor sports environment.

The two available colours of gold and white adhere to the competition wheel concept. Nevertheless, these colours are the superior quality that comes only with our three-coat, three-bake process, topped with a clear anti-pitting top coat.

The ADVAN Racing RCIII logotype is heat-printed around the nut holes on every wheel as it leaves the factory. The 15-inch wheels have Super Gravel and the 17- and 18-inch wheels have Super Tarmac printed on them to define the stages they should be used on.

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