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It all starts with the airfoil. Aeromotions was created at MIT, raised in a $42 million Formula 1 rolling road wind tunnel, then refined on the race track. The Aeromotions Wing Blade is the most refined airfoil commercially available to the public. Aeromotions signature 2D design has grown up to be the highest downforce with the lowest drag airfoil around.


Fits All R35 Nissan GT-R


Aeromotions S1.Dynamic R35 GT-R Active Aero Wing



Go big, or go home. When AeroMotions put a wing on the R35 GT-R, we did the math. We got our hands on one of the first GT-R’s to hit the country (VIN 007), 3D scanned the car into our aero simulator, and optimized the wing design. The result? Two seconds off a two minute lap. From California, to Georgia, to Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, the fastest GT-R’s run AeroMotions wings.


The S1 is 40% lighter than the R.Dynamic, moves twice as fast, and features fully internal actuators. The teardrop shaped uprights were optimized for low drag. It’s the pinnacle of single-blade dynamic wings.



Aeromotions S1.Dynamic R35 GT-R Active Aero Wing


You can reinforce the stock trunk, per the install guide, or buy our plug and play carbon trunk. Made in the USA, the carbon trunk comes pre-drilled to mount both the S1 wing, and the computer underneath.Wiring is clean and simple, and the installation couldn’t be easier. More importantly, this carbon trunk is specifically designed to handle the huge downforce of an Aeromotions wing.


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