C8 5VM Style Front Splitter by ACS | Carbon Flash Black

What’s included:

  • ACS C8 5VM Style Front Splitter painted Carbon Flash Black
  • Instructions
  • No hardware required


Product Description:

The ACS C8 5VM Style Front Splitter is a Corvette owner favorite. Designed to match the original GM visible Carbon Fiber LPO 5VM splitter, the sharp edges are key design features that match the sharp lines on the nose of the C8. Additionally, it features the signature side winglets, which help direct air towards the massive front brakes. We carried these design elements over the our splitter.

How it’s made:

We improved upon this design by choosing a different manufacturing method and material, which translates to a stronger and more durable splitter over its Carbon Fiber counterpart.

It is made in PC Composite, which is a manufacturing technique generally reserved for high volume production runs due to its expensive tooling investment. The result is a black molded part with extreme resistance to heat and scraping capabilities. Ideal for splitter applications.

Since the entire splitter is a black composite, chips and scrapes do not show through as they would on a Carbon Fiber unit, which will typically have a white substrate and are more brittle in comparison.

Surface finish:

The ACS C8 5VM Style Front Splitter is top-coated in a original Carbon Flash Black (CFZ) paint finish. Carbon Flash Black can be identified by the signature silver metallic flake in the paint. Developed and used by GM on the C8 Corvette, this is the ideal surface finish to select for ground effects. It will match all C8 Corvette accent pieces on the Corvette including the front grill, rear diffuser, and more. Carbon Flash Metallic Black is highly recommended by us for any Corvette parts.

How to install:

Installing a splitter on your C8 Corvette is easier than you might think! There’s no drilling involved, or special tools involved. While a professional body shop is always recommended, this is an install you can perform yourself. To install the ACS C8 5VM Style Front Splitter you will remove the OEM T15 screws already in place on your Corvette (Non-Z51 & Z51 cars), place the splitter and re-install the T15 screws.


  • C8 Corvette 2020+ (Both non-Z51 & Z51)



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