Cicio Performance ELITE PRIME R Turbo Kit for Nissan R35 GT-R

Whether you are running the drag strip, half mile or talking about things like drivability, spool, perfect fitment or quality of components; our all new ELITE PRIME R turbos stand head and shoulders above the rest!


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My my how time flies! It was over three years ago that our ELITE Plus turbos revolutionized what many thought was possible from stock manifold turbos. We were able to combine the absolute zen of spool, transient boost response, and daily driving joy with the unparalleled performance of anything in their class. In the last three years not only has technology gotten better, but competitors have also gotten ahold of our Plus components and created their versions of the same system. As well all know competition is great for the customer so once again we have raised the bar!

In 2018 we began looking into options of who could build us exactly what we wanted and testing combinations from different turbo manufacturers.

With almost 5 years of experience in modifying the factory turbo fold (manifold) we have learned a great, great deal about what works together to create a winning combination and what doesn’t. Building turbo systems with the factory turbofold has some great advantages vs. going with a full turbo kit. Starting with the cost effectiveness as customers are able to retain previously purchased FBO parts, saving the customer money in the long run. The ELITE turbo systems also have a faster spool and transient boost than anything out there due to the AR size and design. The ability to retain factory heat protection is a nice additional bonus. While upgraded full turbo kits most certainly have their place, the tech behind our new ELITE PRIME R turbos is certainly narrowing that gap.

We first started with a complete redesign of our previous manifold modification. Not only have we made our new turbo folds much more rigid as a byproduct of using better materials and an improved flange design, we’ve also greatly increased flow through the turbine resulting in lower drive pressures and ultimately a happier turbo that makes much more power! This redesign in its entirety is a massive one. All the tech for the next generation of ELITE turbos has been updated. From the style of connection, the CHRA, to the bracing materials used in fortifying the iron itself, and the internal porting to decrease that drive pressure that I previously mentioned.

Next we moved to the CHRA and wheel combination. After working with most major players in the turbo game we ultimately decided the best road for the heart of the Prime R was with our friends at Xona Rotor. Gregg at Xona has been a great help in not only being open to create what we have asked for but to also share his years of experience and knowledge. Some of our requirements are for sure unorthodox knowing what we know about what combinations these systems like, but every step of the way he had faith that we were on the right path. Thus a specific billet CHRA/wheel combination was born exclusively for the Prime turbo system that we are very proud of!

All in all, literally every aspect of the ELITE turbo has now been updated, redesigned, and made stronger and with the added benefit that our class legal option now makes well OVER 1500awhp!!!


The real world result? Our new ELITE PRIME R turbos have already dominated the competition in the 6 months of testing we have done! Whether you are running the drag strip, half mile or talking about things like drivability, spool, perfect fitment or quality of components; our all new ELITE PRIME R turbos stand head and shoulders above the rest! We set out eclipse what we originally created with the ELITE Plus turbos and we couldn’t be any more excited to share our success. The ELITE PRIME R currently holds both the quickest quarter mile and fastest half mile on any stock frame turbo!!!


ELITE Prime Turbo System Features & Updates:

  • Non- Class Size 63mm
  • Billet CHRA by Xona
  • New bolt style CHRA mounting solution with a more robust flange
  • Upgraded reinforcement on the Prime manifold
  • Manifold modifications further reduce drive pressure at high boost applications
  • Low boost WG options now available
  • 3.5” Cicio Performance Coated Hard Pipe Inlets Standard
  • Updated Wastegate technology and mounting solution
  • Well over 1500whp capability
  • Faster spool than the ELITE Plus due to less turbine wheel mass
  • Optional high temperature resistant Cerakote ceramic coating


*Turbo cores need to be returned within 30 days of ELITE delivery to avoid turbo core fees*