Cicio Performance R35 GT-R Oil Cooler Upgrade

The Cicio Performance Oil Cooler is a perfect direct-fit upgrade for reduced oil temps in your GT-R! Benefits can be seen across the board to all cars from your weekend warrior, 1/4 mile track monster, road race car, to even the daily driver.


The Cicio Performance Oil Cooler Upgrade has applications everywhere from your dual purpose track GT-R to your weekend cruiser. With the factory oil cooler assembly being over $5000 from Nissan it certainly is nice to have other options for replacement and upgradability. This is a factory replacement style part that is completely plug and play.  It comes with the gaskets needed to install as well.

We have tested this product both on the street and the track with great success! There was a noticeable peak oil temperature difference when coming from factory unit in all environments Furthermore if your car has suffered any type of engine failure it is imperative that your oil cooler be replaced!  Far too often we find shops cutting corners by trying to “clean out” factory oil coolers and reuse them. Inevitably there is some foreign material lodged in the cooler that only releases once it is hot and in use again.  The result of that is more often than not another premature engine failure.

Do not let your chosen shop do that to your build especially now when it’s so easy to go online or call and order your Cicio Performance Products R35 GT-R oil cooler today!!!

  • High performance bar/plate oil cooler for Nissan GT-R (R35 models [All 09+ USDM, JDM, and European models)
  • Increase core thickness from OEM tube/fin style 51mm to high performance bar/plate 60mm for better cooling and oil capacity.
  • Staggered external fin configuration for maximum surface area contact and heat dissipation. ~10% better than current aftermarket offerings
  • Drop-in fit. A complete plug-and-play solution. Requires no modifications to install. Uses all attaching OEM components.
  • Precise cast end tank design for OEM quality fitment
  • Satin black thermal coating
  • Includes all gaskets needed to install