Cicio Performance R35 GT-R WIX Racing Filter Adapter

We’re proud to offer our Cicio Performance Products R35 GT-R Wix Racing Filter Adapter!

Protect your high horsepower GT-R build by utilizing our brand new Cicio Performance adapter plate to run the tried-and-true WIX 51060R racing filter.

The WIX Racing filter has a much larger capacity than the OEM Nissan GT-R oil filter, as well as much greater efficiency running heavier weight oils that were unintended for use with the factory oil filter.

More surface area + improved filtration = better results.

The OEM Nissan filter actually contains a pressure triggered bypass valve that once opened, allows unfiltered oil to bypass the filter and cycle through the engine.


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Cicio Performance R35 GT-R WIX Racing Oil Filter Adapter

What’s included:
  • Machined Cicio Performance Oil Filter Adapter Plate
  • Machined Insert for WIX Racing Filters
  • Ethanol Safe O-ring
  • WIX Racing 51060R racing filter