Driveshaft Shop C8 Rear Axle Upgrade


Now available are direct bolt-in axles that we teamed up with DSS to offer for the 2020+ C8 platform.

Designed to withstand up to 1500+ HP these Level 6 direct bolt-in axle system use Porsche style cross groove CV’s on both ends with bolt-on outer stubs and inner flanges for the fastest street cars around.  Whether you are competitive drag racing, road race racing or just enjoying launching on the street these axles are a must.

They use a larger center bar that has been increased in diameter and made from high-grade aircraft quality material, a special Porsche style 6-bolt inner and outer CV with a billet bolt-on flange into the differential and outer stub made from a proprietary material that will fit the factory wheel hub. These axles are complete and ready to install and feature a full 1-year warranty. Price listed is for both axles.

  • 300M 1.25″ diameter solid chromoly shaft
  • 115mm 300M Inner Race
  • Outside is two piece unit with Billet 33 Spline output
  • Arp 200 Hardware (Drilled for wire tie)


DSS is now offering their highest level axle (Level 6) for the newest and baddest car on the market, the 2020 C8 Corvette.


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