DW Solutions DWS1000 Upgraded Fuel System

The DWS1000 Upgraded Fuel System was born from a passion and created to fill a desperate need in the McLaren market. Up until now there was no way to increase the pump size for the McLaren 3.8L platform and once the limit of the factory fuel pumps was reached – that was it. With release of the McLaren 720s the earlier 3.8 platforms began falling to the wayside as there was no way to compete with the 720s factory brushless setup – until now!


  • Includes FuelLab pre-filter kit
  • Compatible with all ethanol/unleaded blends
  • High frequency vibration resistant
  • Nylon jacketed fuel lines
  • Dual surge baskets to eliminate pump starvation
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Anodized billet hangers / bulkhead
  • 1000whp on E85



DW Solutions tore down their shop 12C and assessed every aspect of the fuel system to build a better fueling solution capable of 1,000 whp.

  • McLaren designed their fuel systems with twin surge baskets to ensure the pumps are never starved during high G situations. DWS designed the kit to retain that OEM feature ensuring maximum reliability for all forms of racing.
  • Bulkhead and pump hangers are made from billet aluminum and then anodized to ensure flex fuel compatibility.
  • Every washer is high frequency vibration resistant and 100% ethanol safe. For further safety, all fuel lines have been jacketed in nylon. One of the major benefits of the DWS1000 fuel system is that it allows the use of E85. Up until now the limit for the factory fuel system sat around 700whp on E85. With the DWS1000 that limit has been raised to 1000whp. This means if your power goals are 1000whp or less you no longer have to resort to pricey race fuel in order to make full power. If your goals are to support over 1000whp then race fuel will be necessary.
  • Designed as a true plug and play setup with connectors that utilize OEM plugs for a speedy setup.