ETS 2008-2019 Nissan GTR Super Race Intercooler Upgrade


ETS 2008-2019 Nissan GTR Super Race Intercooler Upgrade:

The Extreme Turbo Systems R35 GT-R  Super Race Intercooler  is monstrous compared to the stock intercooler and all other aftermarket intercoolers.

Before coming to the conclusion of using a large vertical flow, ETS weighed all their options with a huge horizontal flow intercooler. The problem with the horizontal flow intercooler is you have to split the intercooler into two sections one for each bank. The bank using the bottom of the core would have considerably lower IAT then the bank using the top section of the core which would be hidden behind the crash beam and tucked behind the bumper cover.

The tall vertical flow (ETS GTR Super Race Intercooler) allows for the exact same amount of surface area on both banks.

HUGE intercooler Core (22x14x5.5 Core)
Bracketed Around Oil Cooler (Prevents Potential Leak)
Super Race – Requires minor trimming of the crash beam
Clears Factory Bumper Cover
Clears Factory Under Tray
Clears Factory Fender Wells (Important When Fully Locked)
No Long Silicone Couplers
Breeze High-Quality T-Bolt Clamps w/ Bridge (Won’t Slip)
Works With Factory Blow Off Valve Pipes Or Aftermarket Stock Replacement Blow Off Valve


The ETS GT-R Super Race Intercooler clears Bumper Cover, Under Tray, Inner Fenders (Important During Full Lock), and the factory crash beam after minor trimming. The only other trimming required is to the factory intake shroud to fit the larger intercooler. ETS will be making an optional air duct for the guys who want to remove the bumper completely and maximize your intercooler surface area. This will come at a later time.