ETS Nissan GT-R Pro Series Water/Air Intercooler

The Ultimate Air to Water Intercooler System for those enthusiasts that are really looking to push the limits!


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  • Self contained water/air intercooler with integrated ice box.
  • Internal sprinkler system (see video).
  • 13lbs heavier (without water) than a Super Race.
  • Custom designed high efficiency water/air core.
  • Less than 110 degree intake air temps during a 2400whp pull maxing out our Pro2100 turbo kit.


  • ETS Self Contained Water/Air Intercooler
  • 2x – Davies Craig 12v Brushless Water Pumps
  • 2x – Recirculation Pipes, Silicone Couplers and Clamps
  • 2x – Peterson Fluid Billet Filler Necks
  • Foam Crash Beam/Bumper Support Mount
  • Mounting tabs for factory lip support
  • Drain Plug
  • Includes all the necessary mounting hardware.