Fore Innovations R35 Nissan GT-R Triple Pump Module

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The Fore Innovations Triple Pump Module for the R35 GT-R is our go to pump hanger when upgrading to three pumps and it is a work of art.  Made in house at Fore Innovations in Florida, USA, this module is made from billet aluminum and retains the use of the factory fuel level & temperature sensors as well as the tank siphon system.  The module will come pre-assembled and wired with one Walbro 485lph hi pressure pump and two Walbro 525lph hi pressure pumps; all you need to do is choose your options for the outside of the unit and you’re all set!
  • Supports over 1600 all wheel horsepower
  • E85 and race fuel compatible (see pump manufacturer recommendations on fuel compatibility)
  • Requires aftermarket fuel feed and return lines
  • Retains OEM level sender, temperature sensor, and transfer function
  • O-ring pump seal eliminates in-tank fuel hose to completely eliminate failures in E85 and race gas applications
  • High current hermetic wire seal completely eliminates the possibility of fuel smells and leaks
  • 12 gauge power wires ensure maximum pump performance
  • Polymer pump support minimizes pump noise and eliminates electrolysis
  • Transfers without restrictor orifice on return discharge, ensuring accurate fuel pressure under any output or consumption conditions

Optional Selections:

Feed Fittings:

  • OEM Feed & Return Line Adapter Fitting Set
  • -8 AN Male 90° low profile
  • -10 AN Male 90° low profile

Return Fittings:

  • -6 AN Male 90° low profile
  • -8 AN Male 90° low profile
  • -10 AN Male 90° low profile

Electrical Upgrade:

  • FC2 Controller with 6 gauge wiring
  • FC3 Staged Controller with 4 gauge wiring
  • Sealed Delphi Connector and 7′ 12 AWG pigtail only
Contact us for dissimilar pump configurations. (i.e. AEM 50-1200 full time, with dual Walbro F90000267 on demand)