GT-R Oil Change Package By Cicio Performance

Who knew getting oil could be so confusing?!

Here’s a couple of quick notes to help you along with your purchase:

Do you have a big power GT-R with an extended oil pan and the ever so popular Wix adaptor kit? – Since you already have your adaptor kit all you’ll need is a new filter, your oil, an additional can, and no adapter kit.

Do you have a stock engine GT-R that you just want to maintain? – The standard oil change kit with 3x cans of Motul will be more than enough along with the OEM filter. The Wix adaptor kit at this level is completely up to you for preventative maintenance. You can read all about the details on the Wix adapter kit here.  If you just want the OEM setup, choose OEM filter, your oil weight, no additional can, and no adapter kit.

Do you have a built engine GT-R? – We recommend the Wix adaptor kit if you don’t already run it as its a nice peace of mind preventative upgrade. So if you don’t already have the adapter kit, select no filter, your oil weight, an additional can due to the upgraded oil capacity (you wont need the full can but we tend to overfill our GT-R’s to prevent oil starvation from windage/aeration), and finally you’re going to select the oil filter adapter kit which comes with the filter and the adapter kit.


When it comes to maintenance, certainly one of the most important aspects of keeping your GT-R going for the long haul is the oil.  There are so many choices out there today it’s hard to know what to run and we are going to make that part easy for you; run what we run!

Our GT-R Oil Change Package includes:

3x 2L Cans of MOTUL 300V

1x Nissan OEM Oil Filter

*Optional WIX Racing 51060R Filter Available (Oil Filter Upgrade Kit).

*Selecting the optional WIX Racing 51060R filter also requires that you select at least 1 additional can of Motul due to the extra capacity.