MoTeC C1212 Dash Kit For R35 GTR By Cicio Performance


The GTR MoTeC C1212 dash kit transforms the look and feel of the R35 GTR.  The heart of the kit is the MoTeC C1212 display.   This screen measures an incredible 12” diagonally, fully filling the opening of the stock instrument cluster.   The ultra-bright screen is vibrant and anti-reflective, making it easy to view in direct sunlight.

To make this install complete, this kit also includes a PNP wire harness, with provisions for additional sensors and a back-up camera (will come on the screen when in reverse if installed), an extension loom to plug into your Motec M1 harness, a CNC mounting bracket for the dash, and our custom display layout made with Motec Display Creator.

If you already have our harness and a C1212, you can purchase the Display Creator license and calibration separately, please contact us for more details.

Kit Contains:
(1) Motec C1212 Display Logger w/USB
(1) CNC C1212 Dash Mount
(1) 17 Input/Output Option for C1212
(1) Display Creator Option for C1212
(1) GT1R PNP Wire Loom for C1212
(1) GT1R C1212 to M1 extension harness
(1) GT1R Display Creator Layout Calibration

Total – $7595