T1 Race Development GT1R Carbon Rear Brake Kit


GT1R Carbon Drag Rear Brake Kit. Includes Strange 11″ carbon rotors, Strange carbon pads, T1 brake caliper adaptor, brake lines, and all fasteners.   The rear brakes are designed to fit the Nissan 370z upright used in the GT1R Drag Packs, these do not fit the Nissan GTR rear upright, but they ARE suitable for street use.

GT1R Carbon Rear Brake Kit Weight Savings:

From stock – 29lbs per side (58lb total savings)

From GT1R Steel Rear Drag Brake Kit – 14lbs per side (28lb total savings)

*The complete brake kit is solely intended for use at the drag strip with an adequate parachute system.*


*If not already equipped, ARP extended wheel studs will need to be installed with this brake kit.