201.97mph Porsche 991 World Record!

As many of you know based on my other threads we have been progressing very strongly in 991 Turbo development.

My team has been dedicated to collecting information, finding weak points, and building the strongest 991 Turbo platform in the world for the better part of a year now. We have tested different setups, had 100% proprietary parts developed, and spent hundreds of hours refining the details behind our in house tuning program ensuring we don’t just blindly push the limits in areas these cars don’t like, but rather intimately learning exactly what they respond positively to by dyno and street testing.

After our initial test in Colorado we were certainly excited to get our development car back to the half mile. Our customer Jeff and CC are the owners of the car and are simply amazing people to work with. Very down to earth and very understanding of the fact that we are pushing the limits of components in order to be at the very front of our industry. While the car has performed flawlessly without missing as much as a beat, they know what it takes to be the fastest in the world, and I couldn’t be more honored to work with them. 

So this past weekend we took the country’s fastest 991 to Indiana and hung out with the team from Shift-S3ctor in an effort to take down the world record pass of 200.2mph set last fall overseas by ES. I knew the car had the speed in it honestly, it was just a matter of how hard I wanted to push it to get the MPH. With stock gears in the transmission it’s frankly uncharted territory knowing just how far to push. We very strategically have the tune set up to work with the weak links as this for sure isn’t our first rodeo. Shift cuts are in place where we ramp the power back in very progressively to lean on those parts in a linear fashion without just hitting them with a bunch of go fast torque and crossing our fingers. The left side of the boost curve ramps in conservatively to keep everything happy. I explain all this to inform the community that there is more to it than just making power at these levels. I can’t even tell you how much power is left on the table if I wanted to glory pass the car, however that isn’t the goal. Strategically making sure we are the fastest and stay the fastest with a car that lives the longest is the goal! 

Ok now with all of that info, I’ll dive into the passes.

The first two passes I ran in the car to shake it down and make sure everything was running properly. Off the trailer the car trapped 199mph turned down considerably. I was confident that we were going to be in the high 190s but 199? Wow! I must say the Porsche just uses power so dang efficiently it’s crazy. We had made 1280+hp on the dyno but I had my tuner turn it down considerably for that first pass. From there we simply added 2psi of boost and went back out. 201.97mph!!! Second pass!!! We had done it, the fastest 991 on planet earth! 

Now… I know what some of you are thinking … “Cool they made up their own record based on the year of the car.”  Honestly, I totally agree and understand that some of the records these days are pretty out there. While I love all P-cars I feel the future of the PDK is very bright, so we are very, very focused on the newest generation of PDK Porsches. 

With the world record in the bag it was for sure time for me to hand over the keys. The customers drove the car for the entirety of the rest of the event. The car did pass after pass between high 190s to a best of 201.88. We didn’t touch the power portion of the tune at all. Was there more? YES! Tons more. However we had done what we came for and were satisfied. The customers enjoyed the crap out of the car the entire rest of the event and was even able to take his son for a 196mph ride along down the airstrip. All in all just an amazing weekend! 

Big thanks to everyone from Shift Sector as well as my staff. My crew puts in 110% all the time to make sure our cars perform and I couldn’t be more blessed by it!

Next up the New Orleans half mile with WannaGOFAST in less than a month. Can’t wait!!!