Local Stock Engine ELITE Build!

We just finished up another badass daily driven car that I wanted to share with you guys. This customer brought us his beautiful 2017 wanting 800hp while retaining completely stock like drivability. Having been heard about the ELITE systems he wanted to know if I could build him a dead nuts reliable 800whp street car to enjoy.

I informed him that our stock engine ELITE package not only drives 100% like stock but we warranty the parts we install AND the stock engine!   At the 700-800 wheel options on stock engine there are a few different turbo options that will meet the goals. The question is do you want to have the option to upgrade later and make more HP and do you want the reliability of a ball bearing turbo vs. the stock style journal bearing? From what we have seen the people that upgrade the journal bearing stock CHRA over time start showing signs of wear and oil usage/smoking. Some are certainly better than others and the price point certainly is good on those style turbos. However upgrading to a full ball bearing turbo that is designed to support the load of the wheels is always a better option if the budget allows. 

So with the path set and future goals considers we jumped in. Being a local customer he had the advantage of scheduling and then dropping the car off when we were ready to drop the engine. A week or so after drop off the car was on the dyno making jams!  The ELITE makes such a flat torque curve that it translate beautifully into a linear HP curve keeping the stock components very happy without giving up tons of spool. As you can see from the dyno graphs below the combination is incredible on the street.